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10X Your Goal Setting: SMART Goals

Let's take a moment to just talk about SMART goals.

Now there are elements of this that I agree with and I don't agree with. So lets talk about SMART goals.


100% your goals need to be specific.

They can't be airy-fairy and vague, because otherwise you won't know when you've achieved them.


Well if they're specific they usually measurable.

If they're not measurable how do you know whether you've achieved them or not?

They have to be specific, they have to be measurable.

Achievable and realistic. Got a big big problem with these two words.


l don't want to set achievable goals and here's why;

Let’s talk about something that I know, Tae Kwon Do, if I'm fighting people in the ring, I don't want to fight in class the people who I know I can beat, who I know it's achievable. I want to fight the people who kick my ass. The simple reason for that is I want to fight people who I fail with, so that I can work towards success.

You don't get stronger doing things that you can do.

You don't get stronger by lifting weights that are easy.

You get stronger by lifting weights that are hard.

You get stronger by moving through struggles, by doing things that push the limits of your capabilities.

So we get rid of achievable out of smart goals. It's crap. We just get rid of it altogether.


This other one here, R is realistic, well why the fuck would you want to set realistic goals?

Let's be fair, if it's realistic and achievable that's boring.

Like if you've got boring goals, you're not ever gonna get to where you want to be, because you're never gonna take action because you're bored. Why would you take action on stuff that's realistic and achievable?

It's boring.

No one wants to do that.

And so when you set goals that are achievable and realistic, you still don't achieve them because it doesn't fire you up. You need to have goals that put fire in your belly, that make you feel excited. That when your alarm goes off at 4 o'clock in the morning, the first thing you think of is oh my god I get another chance today to work towards my goals - how freaking cool is that!

And it might be 4 o'clock in the morning and you might have had 3 hours sleep, but you know your feet hit the deck, you nail that coffee and you just crack on because you're on a mission. Because you've got goals that aren't achievable, and that are really fucking unrealistic.

When you got unrealistic goals it's like damn man, that's worth working for, that's worth putting myself out for, that is worth suffering for. So let's get rid of that.


Have to be specific measurable and time-based. So you have to know when you're going to achieve those goals by. Because if you don't put a time limit on it, you can have those goals outstanding until you're dead, and that's no good for everybody.

You've got all these gifts that you need to share with the world, you should be sharing with the world, but if you don't put a timeline on it likelihood is that you're just gonna meander through or not do it.

It's amazing how much having a time limit focuses people's minds to get them to an outcome, to move them to action. So timing is absolutely essential.

That leaves us with SMT.

SMT goals.

Your goals need to be specific, they need to be measurable and they need to be timed.

Want to know more about goal setting? Check back on the 21st Jan for more ways to 10X Your Goal Setting!


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