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10X Your Goal Setting: Daily Goal Setting

Let's go back to the numbers…

So now we've got rid of what's achievable and what's realistic because that doesn't serve us, and it certainly doesn't bring us to excellence anyway.

We've got our outcome, we know where we're going. Once we know where we're going, we then need to look at these things here, and these are goals that are set on a daily basis.

1 - ON

So number one is, one goal every single day that moves us closer to our high-level goals from working on our business.

Now this is super super important. For me it's important that there's one thing every single day that I'm doing, that is working on my business not in my business. I need to be pulled out of my business, I need to set aside that time even when it feels like the time isn't there because this is the stuff that's really going to move the needle and really gonna get like amazing results for me in business and for you in business as well.

If you're not taking time, you're too busy doing the stuff in your business, delivering and admin and all that stuff, that you're never working on the business, what's gonna happen is this, you're gonna stop growing and you're gonna start dying.

Because stagnation is death.

There's no middle ground, you're either growing and getting stronger or you're dying and getting weaker. And I know which one I prefer and I know you guys feel the same. You want to be growing right? You want to achieve great things?

So we have to be working on the business every single day. This is so so important and it's just one thing. We might aim to do more than that on our business in a given day, and some days like Monday for me it's biz dev day.

So today I hit the gym, I give myself a beasting workout, I go smash the saunas and I spend the whole afternoon working on my business, no appointments, no clients, no nothing apart from me and usually just a notepad. I just write and plan and draw, and that's when I'm getting all my ideas together and I'm doing this cool stuff. So I choose to spend pretty much a whole day on it, on myself and on my business on a Monday.

3 - IN

Number three, is three things in your business.

We've all got to do lists or to don't lists or however you want to look at it.

We've all got a list of stuff, that's in the business. Stuff that we need to get done on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. So as nice as getting the time to work on our business is, it's super important that we do the stuff in our business as well. Especially when your business is smaller, you're just starting out, you haven't necessarily got the revenue or the capital to invest in staff. You're gonna be doing admin, you're gonna be doing marketing, gonna be doing sales gonna be delivering, you're gonna be doing all of that stuff.

So it's important to be able to stay focused.

Now when I plan out my day, does it ever go to plan? Does it fuck. Never goes to plan. I never get all the stuff done.

But what this process ensures is that every day, no matter how much my day goes to shit I'm always working on the one thing on my business that's most important to move me towards my outcome, and I'm always working on the top three most important things in my business, so I don't get distracted with all of the other little things or other people's urgencies taking me away from what's important for me and my business.

So one thing every day ON the business, three things every day IN the business.

∞ - WHO

Infinity, this is a modulator that is going to make the achievement of these two goals so much easier. This is who.

Who do I need to speak to? Who do I need to contact? Who is going to help me with this and with 1 and 3? Who do I need to speak to today, this week, this month, this quarter? Who is going to help me achieve my one big goal for working on the business? Who do I need to connect with? Who do I need to add to my network? Who do I need to contact who I already know who is going to help me or make it easier to achieve the three things in my business?

If one of those three things is needing to get my books up to date, well is it possible that you could outsource that to a bookkeeper or somebody that you know who does that kind of thing like a VA, somebody like that who can actually take some of that off your hands?

That's great because that's really important you to get up-to-date, but now you've actually managed to outsource that and you can might be able to move that over to something else.

Now where this task initially it was get the bookkeeping up to date, now it's contact X to get the book keeping sorted, and then we've freed up all of that time so that we can focus on higher income generating tasks.

So infinity is who do I need to speak to who's going to help me move closer to all of these goals much more quickly?

Want to know more about goal setting? Check back on the 23rd Jan for more ways to 10X Your Goal Setting!


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