• Jamie Keeling

10X Your Goal Setting

When you 10X your goal setting remember…

Know your outcome

Where do you want to be?

So we need to be clear on this here, what's the outcome? Where are you trying to get to? There's absolutely no point in setting goals that are not in line with getting you closer towards your higher level outcomes.

What do you actually want to achieve in life?

Set SMT goals.

We're not doing SMART goals, we're doing SMT goals.

They need to be specific, what the hell is that you want to achieve?

It needs to be measurable, how we're going to measure that tangibly?

And then time, they’ve got to be time-based.

You've got to put a timeframe and time limit on it to make sure you get it done and to motivate your ass, so that you actually get up and take action.

Get rid of the A R.

It is poisonous.

We do not want things are achievable.

We do not want things that are realistic.

That's boring.

If it’s not interesting, it isn't gonna spur you forward and make you take action in the hard times. It isn't gonna get you outta bed at four o'clock in the morning when it's freezing fucking cold.

Get rid of the achievable, get rid of the realistic and focus on making your goals smart measurable and timed.

Daily Goal Setting

Everyday set 1 goal to work ON your business, 3 tasks to work IN your business and start to outsource them. Think about this:

Who do I need to speak to who's going to help me move closer to all of these goals much more quickly?


You need to be looking at getting rid of the £10 tasks, then the £100 tasks and then perhaps eventually the £1,000 tasks.

Don’t forget to calculate your income generating value (IGV)!


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